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Everything is just always so hard. We have never all sat down together to talk about any of this. We do it in pairs and then one person says two different things to two different people or at least they take it a different way. Trying to treat this as 3 separate relationships when we are all in the same house every night is very hard.

I made the mistake of asking my husband if he really wants to put the hard work into it that our relationship has to have in order to survive or if he would prefer to get a divorce. Well that set him off. He was ready to leave. HE swore that it was what I wanted. It isn't of course but I wanted to make sure it wasn't what he wanted. Every time we try to talk about stuff even if it feels like things are getting better to me, it is like he trows his hands in the air, says we never get any where besides going backwards and that talking about it makes him crazy. I don't want him to go crazy either.

He love his OSO and is happier with her than he is or has been with me all year. I just wanted to make sure he really wanted to work on us or take the easy way out, make her his primary (already in the works) and just leave me.
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