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I am actually very much like my mum in a lot of ways and that is what we were thinking of when we chose them. My dad is a lot like my husband.
I was shocked when we came out that the issues I had worked on with her over the years and in therapy had not been resolved. Also in light of the fact that my mum is taking her masters in social work I thought she would be more worldly by now and less judgmental. Apparently not.

Yes, it will be hard to talk to them about all this in some ways as I am disappointed but I actually will be just fine too. After all they asked us to sign over property we co-owned together that they no longer want us to go to. They also accused Mono of sexual inappropriatness with my boy. Even put our family doctor in a position to act on her neurotic thoughts by telling him as a professional instead of going by what they knew of my son and Mono or listening to us as his parents. Nope, I think I will be okay mentioning it. I think they would not be surprised. If it causes trouble I will pull the age card as they are in their late 60's anyway.

Thanks for all this ygirl and moonfairy and for starting this thread! Interesting. Have some things to look at now that I have been reminded.
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