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We took a trip with Alec on the weekend. It was lovely, we had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves. I really love travelling with him, which we haven't had a chance to do in a long time since most of our energy and finances have gone into our moving to another country a year ago and beginning our life here. But now we had the time and wow, I've really missed that. Exploring a new place with him, it's just really exiting and fun. It's also been good to be home. Particularly after the trip I've felt like we are getting into our normal rythms and our normal routines, and it's just wonderful.

I've been missing Mya pretty strongly. It's been almost 3 weeks since we last saw each other. I think the tipping point is somewhere around 2 weeks. At least that's how it seems, I'm sure I'll know better with more LDR experience. Anyway, after 2 weeks it seems I really start to miss everything where you need the physical touch, and I feel that I need more frequent communication to avoid feeling disconnected.

However, we got some really amazing skype time yesterday evening and today morning (something like 8 hours put together ) so I feel totally reconnected. Also, it's only a week until Mya and JJ come to visit. I also talked about this with Mya, and we concluded that this time it will have been an unusually long time between our meetings, because of other commitments in our schedules. But our plan for the future is for Mya to visit me (and sometimes the other way around) every fourth week, so it will only be a 3 weeks wait in between. That way, even if it starts to feel harder after 2 weeks you'll know that it'll only be a week.

I'm feeling really happy in my life right now. Actually, it's been sort of a continuing trend lately, but I'm not complaining. So incredibly happy and fulfilled.
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