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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Have been in “worry-mode” again some days ago because of a comment a mutual friend of Sward and me made about our 'three person flat-sharing community'. She seems to know some friends who did live in a vee for some years and there seems to have happened a lot of drama. Depression, kids, jealousy and the like. But she didn't really relate to us with the poly-aspect, I don't think that she will think of us in that regard for some time still. But I am worried what will come out of a negative reaction from our friends. They are really important for Sward and I don't want to stir up agitation and concern in their relationship. Most of them will say, 'you have to know what you want to do' or something along those lines but it will cause a ruckus for him and them first. But we will see, crossing the bridge before coming to it again.
It's been my experience, that while a friend may initially react negatively on something, their attitude does tend to change based on our handling of the situation. Sward might, thank her for her concern, assure her that he is comfortable with your situation, but then ask her to speak up if she sees things heading into destructive drama otherwise he would love her support.
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