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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
one down side is that I write long posts that I think no one has read and then get sad and think I've wasted my time.... especially as quite often they are repeats of what I have already said three months ago... oh well, my problem.
Oh I read 'em.
I know Maca reads 'em too-but then he gets overwhelmed by all the new ideas in his head and sits around staring at the walls instead of replying! Silly guy!

But I know what you mean. We get a mental pic of each other but it's not always clear. Some people come on here and only share the bad parts. But we never see the good side-so then we don't realize there is a FULL life there.
Maca has a bad time of writing most often when he feels hopeless and like a failure. Just last night I pointed out to him that when he gets down he forgets all the good things.If I start naming them then he feels dumb because of course there are so many! Then he wonders what is wrong with him. It's just perspective. He spent so many years thinking that his life was crap and he was crap that he is having to re-learn his whole way of looking at himself and his life in THAT arena and of course that effects his way of interpreting and seeing things in EVERY relationship-but most especially ours.
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