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Feeling pretty fucking stupid right now.

Van wouldn't start. My pretty, brand new van that I just borrowed an obscene (to me) amount of money to buy. Because I had to borrow said money, there's no money to fix my pretty new van with.

Sent my commuter lady off to work with some money (I keep spare gas money in my van, just in case) so she could get to work.

Hubby then investigated.

Apparently I have a chipped key. And the extra keys I had made are fairly useless. My van won't run if the chipped key is not used. YAY for security!!

However, buying a new key is "not a priority right now" and that leaves me feeling less than ok because I lose my keys with alarming frequency. And it gets commented on with alarming frequency. So I'm feeling stupid right now, because not only did I NOT know my van rocked with an anti-theft device, I now have the only key that will make my van run on MY key ring - and I lose that frequently.

So yah. A free day off. NO kids. And hubby and I are snarking at each other already. Yay fun.
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