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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
OP don`t dump and run.......from us A bit of a FYI about this place, is that we have a very good blog section. In there, if you blog you will receive support, not criticism. You can vent and let things out.

Questions, theories, tough love, hugs, and a mixture of comments will be generated in the other topics on this forum.
Thanks for the heads up, SourGirl. This is very different from other forums I'm a part of. I'd have never guessed that the Life Stories and Blogs is the place to ask for help since that's not the way in my other places. And probably why I prefer forums that are not broken into sections the way this one is...

"But you've got to be tough when consumed by desire
'Cause it's not enough just to stand outside the fire
Life is not tried, it is merely survived
When you're standing outside the fire"
Garth Brooks and Jenny Yates
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