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Thank you, Redpepper. It's very helpful to know that one's read of a situation is the same thing other experienced people see.

I understand your choice not to fall any further from an intellectual standpoint, but not from an emotional one. I have never been able to control with whom or how deeply I fall. There have been some partners I liked a lot and wanted to fall for, but simply didn't for some reason. Others are deep and, for me, are that way from the beginning. Thank you for helping me see another perspective.

I am perplexed by your last paragraph, though. I am a member of several other forums on widely varying topics, one of which I co-moderate. I have not been part of another group where the etiquette apparently requires that conversations be allowed to go in whatever direction they want...especially when the OP was asking for assistance. And I don't see this happening on other threads here when help is requested. People make a genuine attempt to help the person, so I don't understand why this thread is any different. While I don't think that I own a thread, I do have some expectation that the responses will be on topic. I thought I was doing what you suggest...attempting to "bring the thread back on course so you can get more feed back." If choosing not to engage in a debate over a controversial topic and asking for responses to my original question are not acceptable...well, I guess I won't ask for help again.
"But you've got to be tough when consumed by desire
'Cause it's not enough just to stand outside the fire
Life is not tried, it is merely survived
When you're standing outside the fire"
Garth Brooks and Jenny Yates
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