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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I know that, for some reason, if I had an opportunity to be in a romantic or sexual situation with a bisexual man, I would not be totally comfortable. I can be friends with gay men, bi men, transmen, but there is something in me that only wants to be in intimate/sexual relationships with straight men.
I understand this.

I try to look past it because it would be somewhat hypocritical of me, being bi, but I don't find the *idea* of bi men attractive.

On dating sites, I sorta "gloss over" bi men and go to the the straight men.

Its a bit of a circular issue for me.

What it comes down to (for me) is that I'm not attracted to SUBMISSIVE men, and in my head, as stupid and illogical as it is, bi men = submissive men.

Its even more convoluted in my head because my husband is bi-curious and I still find him wildly attractive.

So while I don't and won't seek a bi man, if I were to MEET one and get to know him, I'd be able to move past my initial reaction.
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