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Meera, that is an interesting post. I think it says a lot about perspective. It's so easy for each of us to assume that we are right or doing things the way the should be. I guess we should all remember that our perspective is not the only one. That if we're in a relationship, we really need to consider the other point of view with the assumption that it is a valid one. We always want to say, well, who's right? And sometimes the answer is everyone or no one. Going along with the culture analogy, it does take a lot of understanding and moving away from "ethnocentricity." Or the assumption that your way is the best way. With mono's and poly's, there's already a lot of assumed tension where some monos feel like polys look down on them for being "less enlightened." And the polys may feel like the monos regard them as a bunch of polyfuckerous sluts. Both perspectives must be valued for a relationship to work.
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