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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
There should be no mistake. I am hurt, upset, angry, disrespected,...betrayed (a strong word, but when it comes to a breach of trust and honesty, what else is there?). Not to mention a little contemptuous for being the only one willing to put the effort into doing the things that might be difficult. Yeah, Iím pissed. For some reason I could always empathise with the Riley character on Buffy, the 5th season when he left, feeling incredibly un-needed. But this experience has really driven it home. But what purpose would it serve to lay on the hurt and guilt in return? Especially on someone I still care about, and who is ill prepared to deal with any of it, and uninterested in trying. Damage is already done, but itís not overwhelming for me, quite survivable, and I DO have the capacity to carry & bury it. Sure, Iím tore up plenty, but so what...Iíll stay true.

When and if she decides she wants to know, and or wants to try again, when sheís ready to find out, then Iíll tell her. (Although I donít currently have any faith that sheíll ever voluntarily reach that point)

There was still so much left unsaid, even of things that she could or should know right now. But she was spent, and I needed chicken wings. I took her to her door, said my goodbyes, and left her with NN.
This stands out for me.

I'm very rarely at a loss for words, unable to express what I want to... I'll blame it on the lack of coffee for now...

It takes a rare person of character to take the higher road and not get involved in an emotional mudfight.

Its unfortunate that K couldn't/wouldn't/didn't want to see what an amazing person you are.

Derby is a lucky lady

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