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I agree with going out and finding poly friends... or at least more like minded friends... the questions they have are not necessarily hurtful and judgemental though. It depends on how they asked them. Asking questions with a concerned and loving manner is different than asking with an attitude that they already know the answer and are just waiting for you to fuck it all up so they can say I told you so... perhaps telling them that you are exploring your own path and that you would appreciate they support you in that rather than judge you for it (if that is in fact what is going on here).

Sitting at my life stage of almost 42 I would have to say that I would wonder if you know yet that partnerships in a romantic sense are not always swooning and feeling bonded to your very core with someone. That dies out into a nice mellow feeling of common love and concern for one another... kind of a familial bond of shared interest in supporting what one another does in their life. Its more of a friendship than the passion that once was...

Does this LDR bf of yours conjure up affection and love when you think of him? Or is he kinda just there? Do you think about him with a heavy heart that longs to be free of him? Or do you just simply wait to be together, content to go about your own life? If your answer to yourself is that there is love and caring there of some kind and that you are just content to go about your life and see what happens when you are together, then stay together... there is no harm there and who knows what will come of it later... if you would rather be on your own because you don't want to consider him any more, then break up. That would be what I would be looking at if I were you anyway.
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