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I emailed Gia about hanging out. She suggested the following night, and said that the night after that was possible but that Eric might want to hang out with Liza then so maybe not.

You guys remember Liza, right? Their new MILF friend who I've been jealous of. The one that they've been visiting regularly.


Ok. ok. Not gonna let this particular internal freakout be external. Gonna be rational. I emailed her back. Specifically, I emailed her three times in a row, piling thought upon thought.

Email #1 -- Wednesday could work. Thursday too. Unless Eric wants to hang out with Liza Thursday, I guess, like you said? Would you go with him in that case? I don't wanna keep y'all from hanging out, but I do wanna see you.

Email #2 -- Or I could always join you guys and meet Liza, that would be cool, she sounds cool.

Email #3 -- Or, actually, if Eric went to see Liza and you and I hung out one on one that would be awesome too, I almost never see you without Eric around these days.

I spent the rest of the day waiting for her to email me back and feeling jealous/weird/insecure and wondering if I came off like a crazy person by sending her three emails in a row, wondering if there was any chance that Eric might end up dating Liza since he seems so interested in her, wondering how I would handle it if that happened.

Gia and I emailed back and forth throughout the day.

Gia -- You and me time would be good, but I don't want Eric and Liza to be alone just yet. He's attracted to her, she's going through a majorly rough time (relationship drama, among other things) so she's in need of comfort, and she likes to break out the alcohol when we come over. I don't think anything would happen but it's a situation that would be better to avoid. So, let's just meet tonight.

Me -- Cool, tonight it is. Yeah, that is awkward with Liza and Eric. If he wants to get involved with her he should wait until things are less drama-ful.

Gia -- "Involved" isn't the right word, exactly, he's deeeefinitely not looking for anything serious. But yeah, bad timing, and I'd rather just head off the potential drama at the pass.



Suuuuch a relief. I don't think Gia could sleep with anyone right now without me getting majorly jealous, and it doesn't sound at all like that's gonna happen with this chick, at least not at present. And I don't think Eric could have a relationship with anyone right now without me getting majorly jealous, and it doesn't sound like that's gonna happen either.

I know it's silly, I've had no reason whatsoever to think his lack of interest in dating me was personal, but who on earth has an ego strong enough that they can be told "I don't want a relationship with anyone" and not wonder, just a *tiny* little bit, if it's code for "I don't want a relationship with you." Which would be ok if true, just... hard.

After work, Gia and I met up and chatted for about an hour at a cozy cafe near my house. I walked her to her car. We hugged, touched our foreheads together, stayed that way for a bit. I said something and she didn't reply right away.

"Are you falling asleep?" I asked.
"No, just mesmerized by your boobs," she said.


I like that she notices my body. I like that we kiss in public. I like that she manages to carve time out of her harried days to be with me. I like that she talks to me candidly about her life and her worries. I like that we laugh.

Coming up this weekend
Sat: Eric's birthday party, complete with Davis and Harry in attendance.
Sun: I FINALLY get to babysit Bee all on my own, while G&E go to a function.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.
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