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Ouch. I deserve that.

Yes, I can be an @ss - I'm the first to admit it. I'm human, and I'm living, learning and making mistakes. Having the discussion was a mistake, despite being driven by what I thought were good reasons (over communicating, all that). Yes, I was exceptionally tired, and yes, I was/am dealing with NRE poorly. I own these mistakes, and am trying to learn from them.

I don't care to get into the details too deeply here, because I don't want to derail, but what I'll say is that this exposed a real issue with my communication skills - that being that I need to learn when to keep my mouth shut, regardless of the fact that I consider my wife my best friend in the world, and would like to be able to discuss anything with her, including things that I *know* are a bad idea. I'm still trying to find balance, and this was really intended to be a discussion about that. However, the simple act of talking through an idea - devils advocate, whatever - can have a lot of implications, and I'm still learning when to keep my mouth shut and process (or at least, find a neutral third party to talk it through). I am, apparently, quite bad at that.
You see it your way, I see it mine. Somewhere in between is probably reality, and I'm ok with that.

Aren't you?
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