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I would LOVE to date a bi guy. I guess that makes me bi-guy-curious?

Although I have met many bi women, I have never (to my knowledge) met a bi guy. This is very strange to me, and I think represents an area in which our society has not yet achieved full openness about sexuality. (I think men are not always able to be in tune with their own sexuality, or there are stereotypes about bi men, or something).

I'll second what Mono said--I too have met gay men who insist there is no such thing as bisexual men. So obviously, there are a lot of unhelpful stereotypes at play.

I was rather taken aback once when a straight male friend/potential lover assumed I was bi because I was "so open-minded about sex." (When I asked him why he wasn't bi, he had no answer for me).

As for why I'd like to try dating a bi guy--mostly just because it might be fun to be with someone who gets as turned on watching Queer as Folk as I do!
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