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Originally Posted by paschendale View Post
I have been dating a polyamorous man for about a year and a half. Recently we transitioned our relationship from a poly/mono arrangement to an open LDR due to my move to Syracuse, NY.
Paschendale, You provide no clue as to why the move didn't involve the two of you moving together, nor why the "glue" that held you together was so very weak. People who really love one another make sacrifices to be sure that they can stay together and spend much time together. Your post does not let us in on the dynamic between you two much. It sounds like you're mostly split up, especially with him suddenly dating multiple other gals in a far off place.

Originally Posted by paschendale View Post
I have noticed, in the 3 weeks that I have been gone from my boyfriend, that there is a stark difference between how we have both been responding to the change. He has met several girls on OkCupid/work and is going on dates with all of them. It is clear he's missing me but overall he seems to be handling the transition pretty well.
Maybe he's more into "getting laid" than into building truly loving relationships? Maybe he's not the sort to really commit to a loving relationship? Maybe he doesn't even know what that might entail?

Do you?

If you're wanting a more substantial and committed loving relationship, you can find that with mono or poly folk. Being polyamorous does NOT mean one must be slippery and casual to the point of mashed potatos and gravy. Not all poly (or mono) folk treat their partners as disposable playthings.

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