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We are both Christians and we do base our beliefs on the bible. You are right! There is nothing in the bible that prohibits or even discourages relations between 2 women.

I would be totally ok with my wife having a gf even if she was not interested in me sexually. I would at least like to be friends with her though. I think it would make things difficult for both of us if at least that was not possible.

My wife has already gone on several dates with the woman I mentioned. So far there is nothing about it that bothers me. During that time I get my much needed alone time and get to spend more time with my 2 children, which is always a plus. I know that activities like that cannot always make up for the feeling of being in a relationship with another person, but so far that has not been an issue.

I think there might come a time that I would want my own gf but at the moment I would much rather us either "share" a relationship with a woman, or have my wife be the center of a V relationship. We will see what time brings with all this. Thanks for your response!
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