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To be honest for a while my husband and I and my boyfriend have been poly and didn't even realize it had a name lol...I have been married for 13 years and 9 of those years we were my husband and I were separated because I felt that I had to have someone else in the relationship. I had no idea that these feelings were natural for me and I fought against them. While I was separated from my husband I tried one monogamous relationship after the other and felt trapped. I got into a relationship with a man that it was up and down with and I finally decided to move back with my husband. I told the man that I was involved with about this decision and he didn't like it but followed me to Texas. We decided for us all to live together. It has been pure hell for the bf and not that great for hubby because they both have a mono mentality. It would be wonderful for me except for the jealousy and irritation I get from mainly the bf. I want to be in this lifestyle but is it fair to really want them in it too? They both say they are on board but how can they be if they dont even really understand it? Help!!
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