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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I'm glad things seem to be working out, but you scare me. You have children and you are moving people into your house you barely know (only 2 weeks of actual face to face time). It's bad enough when singles or even adults with no kids do this, but you are taking risks with your kids lives and emotions.
I can definitely understand where you are coming from. It's kind of hard to get a feel for a situation through text. Believe me, the risks and the benefits and the children were all considered.

The main reason that we went ahead with the move is because of the mutual friend and our confidence in remaining friends even if we didn't work out in a relationship. Both of us have remained friends with nearly all of our exes. Even my latest ex and I are still friends. We had discussed it at length and had back up plans. He now has a job making enough to get his own place if he wants to stay or move back to FL where he is originally from.

If it wasn't for our mutual friend who has known him for years IRL I wouldn't have even let him stay at the house when he came to visit. I'm not up for letting complete strangers into my home.

We moved him here mostly for the fact he was a good friend that needed out of a bad situation. The fact that we are pursuing a relationship is secondary. I personally didn't feel like I barely knew him. I had more than just his word to go on and he's has a fairly public profile.

My kids come first and if any of them were remotely upset or uneasy, then I would have never went though with it. As for their emotional safety, I was in love with my ex for 6 years and we dated for over a year straight and he up and left with little warning. I just hope to raise them to be understanding of the fluidity of relationships.
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