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I mean, we ALL know about NRE, but that boy's gotta check himself before he wrecks himself (and by "himself" I mean his marriage)!!

I mean, all he other stuff you just mentioned, the ways be seems to be prioritizing her desires over yours, all that should be pointed out to him... not as a way of saying he shouldn't consider her, but rather that he needs to do some reading and thinking about NRE and then he needs to make absolutely sure he's giving you the same energy and consideration... because NRE is a phase, even if it doesn't feel like it, and if he tramples all over you or consistently shows you that you don't matter as much as her and loses you because of it he's going to feel pretty damn stupid.

But actually saying he'd choose her over you??? Just tossing that out there like that??!? I'm so angry for you right now. Being tired is no excuse. He needs to think seriously about how important to him his commitment to you is and then confirm that to you in no uncertain terms. Not as a perfunctory "Oh, I didn't mean it" statement, but as a thoughtful and real NEW commitment... hell, it seems called for since you're in such a new stage for your relationship. *sigh*

On the other hand, it's *awesome* that Pixie's nudges to him are based on building up your life with him rather than tearing it down. That's the sort of metamour you want in your life. Someone who's "on your team" so to speak.

*hug* That assh@le. Nice smile or no, he'd better shape up.
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