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This is interesting to me because you said in another thread, you (and I assume your wife) are conservative Christians. If you have Biblical based beliefs (and your beliefs are not based on anything written after or besides the official Biblical canon) you may be comfortable with your wife having a female lover. There is no outright condemnation of lesbian love or sex in the Bible. (I often wonder how the women in harems, or "sister wives" related to each other back in BCE Old Testament times.) Of course, men are not prohibited from having multiple wives or concubines either, as long as the man can provide for his wives and lovers. Divorce was also easy back then, just writing a note of divorcement was all that was required under Torah. However, Jesus was quoted as being against divorce.

So, the only immediate questions that come up in my mind is, would you truly be fine with your wife having a gf, even if her gf was not as interested in you, emotionally or sexually? Wouldnt you feel jealous your wife had 2 sex/love partners, and you only had one, her? How would you occupy yourself when your wife was on dates with her gf? Do you think there would come a point when you'd want a gf of your own as well?
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