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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hi! Some questions...

Can you explain what you mean by " including another person in our relationship?" I know you say you don't have any set ideas about it, but the way you worded it is a bit vague. So, do you know what it is you are considering? Are you saying that you are willing for him to pursue another relationship? Or are you saying you want a third person to join you as a couple and have a relationship with both of you? Do both of you share the same vision of what you want? Also, you say you want your hubs to be happy. Is he unhappy now? If so, are you looking at polyamory as a way to fix problems?

Just need some clarity. Thanks.
Hi nycindie,

It's all very complicated (isn't it always).

We have been together for more than 15 years. The sexual side of our relationship has never been very good because he is more interested in sex than me. I would much rather have a cup of tea and browse facebook, or catch up on my sleep than have a marathon sex session.

It came to light about 10 years ago that he is interested in S&M, this compounded the problem for us as he has a definite need for something that I cannot give him. I am not really that interested in being a submissive.

Basically he has needs that I can't fulfil and it doesn't seem fair for him to have to live his life without that kind of happiness.

The question of another person came up.

He would like me to help choose this person and know them as a friend. I know I have a high propensity for jealousy and have a huge problem with the idea of him with someone else. But what choice to I have realistically?

Sorry for the word jumble, hope you can make sense of it.

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