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So, trying to keep updating here to not only keep you all interested in my saga, but to help me go through things and maybe figure things out as needed.

So John and I are doing alright. We've had three dates so far, the last one Cajun joined us for the first half (meeting of the men) and it went very well. John tends to chatter a bit when nervous and I had to tease him just a little after Cajun left about the poor napkin that he tore to shreds. He laughed at it too and hopes that next time we all get together he'll be a bit more comfortable. Our last two dates ended with a nice kiss and big grins. He still has the girlfriend and we are still just taking things slowly while he gets accustomed to the wife and girlfriend before attempting a second girlfriend. lol We message and text often even though we don't get to see each other that much which is ok for now. I like him, and I wouldn't want to rush him or anything. Kinda reminds me of the Lady A song that's popular right now...
Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
So the rest of the song doesn't quite fit, but not many mainstream songs fit the poly lifestyle. lol

Now I also mentioned John's girlfriend's husband but didn't give him a moniker. I shall now call him Brad. Dang, now I have to work on keeping all these names straight again! lol. Now then, Brad and I have been messaging and texting quite a bit and we finally met yesterday. So, maybe I was a little wrong about clicking and grins. We actually annoyed the closers at the restaurant we went to because they close at 10 and we were there talking until 10:30! The hostess actually scowled at us when we left! lol Neither of us realized time going by so quickly which is one thing I really like when on a date. So we move on outside and since we were parked on opposite sides of the lot said our goodnights at the door which consisted of a nice loooong hug and a very nice kiss. I have a feeling that things may progress a little faster than with John, but at least we both have the same ideas for what we are interested in and what we are not looking for, or at least what I am not looking for as he is open to pretty much anything right now.

Brad is going to be meeting Cajun on Thursday at our weekly discussion group which Brad is very very interested in attending. Only problem is that they can't really get to know each other or talk about anything poly as we are not out yet. So it will be interesting to see how this works out.

So that's about it. I've been talking with Carl a bit online (dude I was dating last summer/fall), seeing how he and his wife are doing and how their newer attempts at open/poly are going. We actually started getting into deeper conversation when his wife got home from a date (which oddly enough was with John! (ok everybody now...It's a small world after all)) and figured they should talk a bit before crashing.

Speaking about crashing, I better. Early-ish morning as my Jewel has her tumbling class and we will hopefully will be meeting up with Cajun for lunch afterwards. So goodnight and sweet dreams to you all.

ps. looking back over this and after thinking about it, this is going to be one interesting diagram if we all hook up the way it looks like it's going. lol
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