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Originally Posted by RaspberrySurprise View Post
My husband and I are thinking about including another person in our relationship. I want my husband to be happy which is why I am seriously considering this. I don't really have any set ideas of what a poly relationship could be like which is why I am asking questions.
Hi! Some questions...

Can you explain what you mean by " including another person in our relationship?" I know you say you don't have any set ideas about it, but the way you worded it is a bit vague. So, do you know what it is you are considering? Are you saying that you are willing for him to pursue another relationship? Or are you saying you want a third person to join you as a couple and have a relationship with both of you? Do both of you share the same vision of what you want? Also, you say you want your hubs to be happy. Is he unhappy now? If so, are you looking at polyamory as a way to fix problems?

Just need some clarity. Thanks.
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