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Hi! I'm terrible at introductions. I always feels so awkward.

I am a guy married to a wonderful woman! We have been married for 4 years come this October. For the last 3 years or so we have talked about, discussed and toyed with the idea of bringing another woman into our relationship. It would either be a Vee with her at the bottom or a triad ( Much more rare, and less likely to happen).

She is Bi and loves woman and I have no problem with her being in a relationship with a woman and not having be be "involved". I would still like to be at least her friend though . We would want it to be a poly-fi relationship.

Recently we found a woman that was open to that and have been pursuing her. She said she was interested in both of us, though it seems apparent that she leans more towards my wife, which is cool .

We are trying to be open and honest and talk to each other and her as much as possible. We don't have terribly high hopes, mostly because we don't want them dashed. We like her a lot and have a lot in common. This is our first attempt at this so any advice anyone feels like giving out would be awesome. Thanks!!
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