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I appreciate the support there Minxxa. It's an issue because I've always been a lazy person (which I can now admit), and we've had the same fight well before the diagnosis. She simply reached the point where she couldn't believe I'd actually make a change, which I don't blame her for. She's given me more chances than I probably should have gotten to fix it.

And she wasn't trying to find another relationship, it's just kinda happened. She started talking more with him about everything (as a friend), and it has just progressed the way it has. He is well aware of everything and was informed of the decision last night. He has always been poly, recognizes all the same warning signs about this situation that have been pointed out, but is willing to accept the risk as well as we are. Basically, no one was looking for this situation to end up where it has (especially as quickly as it has), but it happens.
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