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I think I've lost a friend because of being in a poly relationship. She wasn't a very close friend anyway, so it's not too bad. But I do feel sad that this is something that makes someone disappear from my life. She is a former coworker of mine, from the time when I was working abroad. We kept writing each other every once in a while after I moved away from that country. Nothing really deep though, just keeping up with what's happening in each other's lives. Well, when I wrote her to tell her about this new situation of mine, she never replied. She didn't even answer my questions about her life. I waited over a month and wrote her again, this time not mentioning rory or anything about poly. I just asked how she was doing etc. And she didn't reply to that one either. This was about two weeks ago so I guess that's it then, I give up.

I'm very lucky though to have my closest friends and my mom totally accepting this. I have several people to talk to and I don't have to tip toe around this subject with anyone. Except my dad because he doesn't know yet. Okay well, there is this one friend who doesn't quite get it. He seemed ok in the beginning when we told him but not too long ago he said to JJ that he thinks I'm just bossing JJ around and he does everything I tell him to. And also, he thinks we're divorcing soon, this can't mean anything else. Well, obviously he's wrong and JJ told him that. But we'll see, at least there's some hope and we can discuss it. It's not like the one I mentioned in the beginning that just stopped answering me.

My mom has actually been pretty amazing about this. It was some kind of a shock to her when I first told her but she got over it really quickly. Now she even says she might consider this kind of lovestyle herself! She's single at the moment so who knows what's going to happen.
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