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Without having to quote absolutely everything from redpepper and indie, I find all of what you both said more helpful in the topic than a lot of the other stuff before it.

indie, I'm especially thankful to you, as it is all really helpful advice to my personal experience and I will keep all that and use it. I think "Personally, I think love is worth it." is my favourite line in the whole thing. Just to sum it all up, that sometimes things are hard, but you can push through. =]

RedPepper, you are one of the first to be on direct topic of what the thread was meant for, and not just for my personal benfit. ^_^ It's really great advice to have from someone who is actually in a mono/poly relationship. I definitely feel there is no need to "fix" anything and am certainly not trying to change anyone. I accepted amost immediately that it is not something she wants. I can't push her into it.

back to indie again, I've also thought a lot about when that time does come and if it can't be accepted. If it does happen that way, I personally feel that it obviously isn't the right place to be. I don't aim to make anyone unhappy and if it comes to a point where they are and there's no changing it, I really can't help them anymore than I have. But up until then, I definitely put everything I can of myself into a relationship. Love is definitely worth it. =]
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