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Some other things I am wondering & thinking? I thought I worked out every angle but yeah I'm here they are there.

So how do I show lips I care about her as a person when I'm not there and that I wanna be as close friends as her and Neo? I am concerned about how she feels, I don't want her to feel like a third wheel. Her and Neo started the friendship before the sex,am I the outsider here? Also I tend to over think everything & don't want to make her feel like I'm a weirdo as this is all new to her.

My jealous crazy side says; what the F%&k was I thinking there all gonna get it on without me and could care less about how I feel cause there is hormones & booze are a factor

You know what else I've come up with in my demented brain; Neo & her have fooled around, maybe not sex but got eachother all hot & bothered & this was there way to fuck?

By the way I'm the one who mentioned him having a thang with lips since I already slept in her bed cuddling without him one night, & because he was gonna give me a hall pass with smile one night.I started the whole poly talk, cause I'm kinda tired of the meaninless sex, and friendships were forming around us.

This is about as easy as I thought it would be ;(

Some how writing seems to make it not be so clogged in my brain.

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