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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Because i only identify as part of a group based on hobbies or recreation, not based on something that is a component of my personality or internal workings.

I can sum it up this way, i've said this before - i go to nude beaches to be nude, not to be a nudist. I joined roller derby to skate, not to be a roller-girl. I have relationships with people because i like something about the person, not to be polyamorous.

Also, i am not out there looking for people to become involved with. I don't think of myself as "available" even though i do meet some people's criteria for that definition.
For once, I actually agree with what NK has to say.

I feel I do identify myself as poly though. Not like I walk down the street and scream to everyone like a stereotypical gay man. =P But it's certainly a word I use a lot to describe myself.
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