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Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
Needless to say was bad idea, her soon to be ex found it, but they were on the verge of disaster with out us involved.
So, am I correct in understanding that she's sneaking around to be with you two? Hmm.

Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
Lips called Neo this am to talk about it. . . . Bad thing is Neo is like I have no idea what to tell you I can't even deal with my issues...
Oh, that's not very loving. Poor woman. She spends the night with you two, her first threesome, and she calls to talk to Neo only to be dismissed like that. Is that acceptable to you?

Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
My only requirement discussed while she was there is that she would call and let me know not him, no idea why that makes it better , but in my head it does. Other thing that I brought up was in no way are lips,smile and Neil allowed to get it on without me.
Okay, you have more than one "only" requirement, but... What do you think is your reasoning behind having to be the first one notified and that no one can get together without you?
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