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Default Update-Mojo

Well an update on the Unicorn hunt that went down on Saturday.....Whats it called in poly terms when you find her, and shes better than you ever could imagine?

Amazing, I think this girl might be my sister Neo has always said this too. I was careful to not be too agressive. Worked out great everyones happy for now..... we even all had great morning sex, than drank bloody marys & Mimosa's.

Yep I guessed it, I was her first that really makes me feel special. She just kept saying how great I taste & I kept telling her how beautiful she was. Why can't most women take compliments from other women? I guess were alike in that way to.We made out alot, it got really fogged up in the car. I forget the experience you have from being 10 years older & being with a sex machine for 16 years how really great we are in bed together & with another, yep pretty sure everyones mind was blown...

So she begged me to give her a love bite, I chose right above her amazing breast..Needless to say was bad idea, her soon to be ex found it, but they were on the verge of disaster with out us involved.

Lips called Neo this am to talk about it. Its weird cause should I trip out that she would rather talk to him abou it? My instincts say no, I think she like me has never had to many close relatioships with men? Bad thing is Neo is like I have no idea what to tell you I can't even deal with my issues...

So Neo is there & I'm here, he asked if he could be with her alone. My only requirement discussed while she was there is that she would call and let me know not him, no idea why that makes it better , but in my head it does. Other thing that I brought up was in no way are lips,smile and Neil allowed to get it on without me She laughed cause her and smile haven't even kissed yet.

Other thing me and Neo didn't realize is that Smile has been sort of? pursing lips, coffee, chat etc....but he never told her straight out or made a move, she threw it in his face & he didn't make a move also he stumbled backwards when they almost kissed, so not that its our business but it might have made a difference? I feel bad that we may have stepped on his toes? Hopefully he's not upset?

Neo was head tripping this am before he left town going thru everything I went through 2 weeks ago. Why do men think after the fact? He professed his love to me this am, telling me about how i'm the best and he loves me so much & I'm his number 1. This week was the first time I felt comfortable with him leaving town strange how that works.

Thanks for listening,
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