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Default How'd it work out???

"I'll miss my Utopian Poly Commune fantasies, but maybe this isn't the time (and maybe these aren't the people? ) to live those out."


Two things. first I am looking for this Sci Fi Utopian Poly show, that is how I found this forum. Any leads would help!

Also I am in a similar relationship and from the guy point of view, I would say he doesn't want to choose.

I started out in an amorous relationship with my current and another. Once I broke it off with the other and started looking for a new second, my current came out of the closet and asked me to look for us instead of just myself. That being said, it has been a struggle. She wants to be my primary or 1st wife in a Polygamous sense, but I know that the two of them need to be equal to me and primaries to each other. I think what the biggest fear is that she is afraid she is going to loose me to the other woman, but I don't want that anymore the she does.

Maybe the other woman is just scared, I don't know. What I do know is that everyone in the relationship needs to be open and honest about all things in order to make it work; but you knew that. I hope it all works for you and yours, if not this one then the next!


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