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Originally Posted by TheMountainBoy View Post
After they split we decided to try polyamoury (I did this so she wouldn’t cheat on me again as I didn't want to lose her) and that I realised I liked other women and still was in love with my Fiancé.
I just re-read this and am a little disturbed by this comment. This is not meant to point fingers or offend but to point out an issue with how people can aproach poly and the visual impact it has on the entire concept.

You did this so she wouldn't cheat on you again? Basically you've turned polyamory into what a lot of non-poly people see it as...a license to cheat. This should never be the motivation to live a poly lifestyle.

I'd seriously consider having a very long engagement and not rushing into marrying her. I do hope it all works out though.

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