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Default just curious in general

Hello everbody,

I never thought there would be a forum for people like ourselves but I guess there is a forum for everything

I'm a twenty something human being from australia and I constantly feel like a minority everywhre I go lol but I don't really care
I'm gender blind (bi) and have pretty much known since I was 15. I'm in a loving hetro relatioship and we are comfie and happy but we both feel like life is so short and precious that we want to share it.
I've been on such a long path of spirituality since I was a young christian to now having more of a buddhist perspective of life (and guilt) although I have no religion I have been feeling increasingly aware lately about happiness and I feel so light and full of compassion.
My partner and I are in no hurry were focused on the moment and have open hearts.
Right now I'm just happy knowing that there are people in the world who might actually understand me
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