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Originally Posted by TheMountainBoy View Post

She has tried to see a few people but it not really worked out for a few reasons, but she now seeing a guy 'R' and is happy with both him and me. I'm happy for her and I think the guy is cool. But she says she still in love with the guy 'M' she cheated on me with and is eventually going to see him again.
I'm not ok with this and said I’d leave her if she did. She said if I loved her then I’d be ok with this as it's a new start and they will be honest with me this time round.
I think your future wife would do well to honour and respect the man who loves her enough to see past the original deception and breaking of trust. She is flat out lucky not to be out on her ass.

You have opened your heart to her having other lovers and even embraced her other relationship. If she is too blinded by her own "want" and seeks to resume a relationship with the man who she broke your heart with, then I fail to believe she loves you. Some relationships are tarnished permanently by hurtful beginnings and trying to force that upon someone you "love" speaks volumes about what they are on the inside.

She is very lucky my friend. Very lucky indeed.

Stick to your guns my friend.

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