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Default 10yrs Mono, newly poly - BF and GF within one week!

Hello everyone!

My wife and I, monogamous partners of ten years, have recently become poly. After a month of in-depth and serious emotional discussion, much of it difficult, we decided to pursue triad relationships to ease ourselves into poly. We're both bisexual, so our options are fairly broad in a sense.

Now, after we decided to start coming out to people, it turns out that 1) lots of our friends are secretly in poly/open relationships, and 2) we quickly realized that some of these friends find us - both of us! - very attractive. Essentially within one week of becoming poly we found ourselves with a boyfriend and girlfriend! Given our generally low opinion of ourselves, this has been somewhat eye-opening and flattering!

We're still suffering from some difficulty, emotional turbulence, but overall this has been an amazing experience, and we're very happy to be on this path together, still deeply in love and supporting one another.

Just wanted to share, and also hoping to have interesting discussion with other poly people here!
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