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I second trying to find a community based organization for counseling, depending on your area and if there are schools that offer counseling degrees, there will most likely be a free/no/low cost clinic that will offer short term counseling. If you'd like to PM me with your general area, I can see if I can give you some ideas.

Often there are often many sexual abuse survivor group counseling sessions available that are also usually low/no cost/sliding scale. These can help as you can hear others' stories, see patterns, talk about personal experiences among those who understand with a leader who can offer suggestions and resources.

Otherwise, there are a variety of books on the market that may be a good start as to identifying issues you have as a result of the abuse as a child. A couple of titles I grabbed from recommendations off of a professional listserv I'm on that are highly recomended:

Wendy Maltz - "The Sexual Healing Journey" and "Incest and sexuality: A guide to understanding and healing"

Staci Haines -- "The Survivors Guide to Sex"

Both of these can be a start to seeing the issues that can come up with early childhood molestation and how that can affect your sexual life as an adult.

Hope this helps...
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