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Default Shallow is as shallow does...

Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Why would you think this makes you "sound shallow"?

I always thought "shallow" was when someone was attracted to people ONLY because of what they look like, not who they are inside.
Yikes, I've been neglecting my very own post. Nice! Sorry to everyone who was TRYING to get to know me, I got called in to work for a week and was inattentive. Hee hee!

Ok, so in response to Y-girl, since my DH does not consider looks at ALL when evaluating potential partners, it becomes a bone of contention between us. I end up feeling shallow for insisting on a minimum standard of physical attractiveness when my spouse is one of those rare jewels among men who honestly and truly can be attracted to someone sheerly for who they are on the inside. Isn't he an awesome guy???

Given that fact, you might be left to wonder what *I* look like. I'm not a vain person and I've had 2 kids, so I'm not going to claim to be hot s**t... but in my youth I was offered a modeling contract in New York if I was willing to lose 10 more lbs and move to the big city. Instead I chose to stay here in Alaska with the moose.

So, it's an issue when we find someone (or a couple) that he wants to form a friendship/relationship with and everything fits except that one or both of them are completely unattractive to me. Very frustrating for him, and it leaves me feeling ashamed and shallow.
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