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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Legally it is very easy. From a sensitivity stand point it would be far more difficult. When I broke my marraige, I knew our close family friends were going to have difficulty in talking to me about removing me from legal guardianship of thier children. I brought the issue forward and told them that I understood the need to do this and that my ex wife was much better suited as a guardian.
Redpepper's parent's would be devastated but I understand her concern. Her son would be a much different man if raised by them. I think they would find it hard to actually pick other people who would raise him with thier openess and values actually..that is a hard one.

It sounds like RP is worried about the possibility of people thinking that she changed the guardianship designation out of spite and retaliation.

She can rest assured that I wouldn't see it that way. I would see it as making the hard decision to do what is best for her son. Of course, I'm not part of the circle of people who give a damn the most, but then again, I have nothing to gain or lose out of this.

All we can do is pray that nothing happens to Mr. and Mrs. Redpepper until they feel able to make that move on paper (or ever).
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