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You've told us before how much your alone time with Tom bothered Sarah. It sounds like she's taking the time she needs now, maybe catching up on what she missed over the last little while.

Yes, she was jealous and insecure, but as I recall, you spent nearly all of your free time with Tom. That would scream cowgirl to me.

To me, you sound needy and codependent ... So very lonely when you're only 15 minutes away? It would be an instant turn-off for me.

Go out, make some more friends. Join new activities. Give them some space to rebuild their relationship.

Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
I did go back and reread the other thread. I think the two of you (you and Tom) have been abusing her trust. Sorry, that's how I feel. You spend 5 nights together--just because you CAN? And you broke her trust and basically cheated behind her back... cuz you couldn't help yourselves? Nice.

She may not know you cheated, or have proof, but my guess is she has a feeling about it and that's what is keeping her from fully engaging in this relationship. Match that with Tom's past of cheating and lying to her-- and you wonder why she doesn't jump at your texts at feeling left out?

I'm just not getting how this is an honest relationship in any way...
This. Karma is a bitch and I don't think you're suffering any more than Sarah was while you and Tom were joined at the hip.
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