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Okay, Tinyblu, I read through all your posts about this guy to get the full story.

And here's the only thing I can say:

Call this guy and dump him RIGHT NOW.

In an earlier post you stated that he was dismayed when you almost left him after the "surprise threesome" weekend, because he's "never had a woman leave him before."

Oh, please, please, please, become the first woman to leave him!!!

Your posts are well-written and you are clearly smart. YOU CAN OBVIOUSLY DO BETTER.

If you like guys who need a lot of variety in their sex life (and I myself like guys like that, so I get where you're coming from), you can certainly find a guy who dates a lot of women WITHOUT BEING A TOTAL DICKWAD.

This guy is an asshole.

Please dump him! I, too, was raised to be emotionless, and I struggle with communicating my feelings. But that issue is not what is causing your problems with this guy. HE IS A JACKASS.

I, too, find it difficult to meet decent men. That's why I have a vibrator.
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