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Originally Posted by prenominalpolyamorist View Post
ok, I did state that I am not currently a lesbian or bi-sexual. I say that because I have never experienced an act other than a threesome with a male and another female. I liked it alot but wasn't sure if it meant I am actually bi...I find both sexes very attractive and am not afraid of opening new doors. I just haven't really touched that area of my life. I have been pushed by family to believe its not suppose to be that way...but I am ready for new beginnings and actually interested in both male and female...does that make sense?
Don't worry about what your family thinks. They aren't living your life--YOU are.

You sound at the very least bi-curious. Don't repress that because of what your family tells you you "should" think. Screw that! Go out and explore, but do be careful--women can get STDs from each other as well as from men, so testing, dental dams, gloves, condoms on toys, etc., should be de rigeur unless and until you know and trust someone enough to be fluid-bonded.

Enjoy this new phase of your life, and to quote a very great man's first wife, "So what do YOU care what other people think?"


P.S. The book that goes with that quote is an excellent read.
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