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Question : Was your father part of the people that molested you, or no ? That part is unclear for me.

If he is not, and your issues surround feeling abandoned ;

I would send him a letter, telling him of your childhood and what happened to you. Do not be accusatory in the first letter. He needs to first know what happened to you.

Let him respond, ..but give him time. He will need time to process. Make this letter simply about telling him what happened. Also make it clear that you need a response. That you, as his daughter, need to hear his thoughts.

If,..he doesn`t respond, or responds in a way that shows he dumps any responsibility elsewhere, then it may be time to ( with the aid of a therapist) to explain your anger, and how it all has affected you.

Edit to add : If he is one of the molesters,..I have no advice that doesn`t involve illegal acitivites. Sorry.

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