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Thank you both....I've been thinking on the same lines, but wasn't sure about a lot. Fidelia..I actually did pull that stunt..and thankfully it worked and hubby chose me over her. It's just such a frustrating situation. The problem now is that I am so paranoid about him going back that I've started over reacting when he even talks to her....that's my own issue that I have to deal with. I know he won't go back there if I say no, but I hate being the "mom", ya know? She did, at the beginning of their relationship, do him a lot of good....he and I were having issues and she was there for him. Unfortunately, he think that excuses everything else.

SOmetimes, I think I'll just scream! Anyway....on to my day at work...battling government clients and a headache. You guys are great..thanks so much!!
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