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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Wait a minute--they were up most of the night doing homework? So it's quite reasonable that they were dead tired and fell asleep way early the following evening..and you're fussing at them for being insensitive?

I'll suggest that somebody else was being insensitive.

And you expect instantaneous replies to texts? Seriously? Do you really think they have absolutely nothing else going on during the day that they sit and wait for texts from you so they can respond immediately?

And you're only 15 minutes away? Why don't you just go visit when you're needing contact because you're so close? Why are you expecting them to do everything for you?
You are right it was reasonable for them to be tired. All I wanted was for them to let me know that they would be tired and unable to hang out like we had planned. Instead, they feel asleep during a time frame that we were supposed to see one another after not seeing one another for almost three days.

And no, I don't expect an immediate response, but I do think 5-6 hours is a long response time considering that morning I let them know how sad and lonely I was about them moving away and standing me up after not seeing me for almost three days. Also, considering that all they were doing was school work on the couch all day, and additionally considering that I was coordinating one of the biggest programs on my job description so it would have been really nice for them to check in with me to see how it went. So if you think that is me being insensitive then I guess we will just have to disagree! I expect my loved ones to be responsive when I am sad, and I expect them to care about the outcome of something that is important to me. I don't think that is asking too much, and I happily do that for both of them all the time.

You have to understand I saw these two individuals EVERY DAY for over six months. We drank coffee together every morning, and met up immediately once we got home to cook dinner and work together and we would kiss each other good night right before bed. SO yea, 15 minutes sounds like nothing but that 15 minutes has fundamentally changed how much time we spend together, and has changed my routine that I enjoyed very much, a routine that brought me a feeling of closeness, family that I have not felt in a long time. I would not just drive over to their house unannounced. That would make me feel creepy.
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