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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Canaanite Reconstruction focuses on the Canaanite peoples of the Bronze Age and their religious practices, as best as we can tease them out of the limited amount of archaeological evidence we have available. The Canaanites were never a monolithic bloc of people who referred to themselves as such--there were many groups of peoples who shared the same culture (including the peoples who later became the Israelites).

Look here for a basic introduction:
Ohh haven't looked at the link yet, but I am super into preAbrahamic Canaan goddess based religion, Babylonian and Egyptian too, early Greek and Roman.

Let's hear it for the qudesha of Asherah and Ishtar! So railed against, so persecuted by the Levites and Kohein of Judah.

sigh.... I wouldve loved to be a qudesha.
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