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Happy, content, owieeeeeeee! *whine, whine, whine*

We went to the fall fair last night with some new friends . We all had a good time riding rides (me only two since whiplash is NOT my friend), playing games, drinking water & soda and just walking around getting to know each other better and watching what I was hoping would be a really good demolition derby, ended up sucking a lot (not enough cars in each class will do that). Ended up with a $21 parking ticket and aches in places that shouldn't ache! Oh yeah, she had her first taste of fudge! lol She loved it!

Silly me didn't wear my tennis shoes with the orthotics or any other pair of shoes I can fit the orthotics into, opting instead for my Birkenstocks. I'm paying for it now though. OW!
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