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Originally Posted by schtuff View Post
i guess it really depends on the people involved. seems like the situation is not as ideal as it once was. life does have a habit of getting in the way sometimes, and presenting challenges to the things or people we want to do or see.

are you able to set up a date night, day, or something of that nature? have you talked to your love interest about spending more time together, about making more time for one another.

communication and caring are a two way street. keep things as open an honest as you can, and always try to keep in mind the challenges that your love ones face as well.

hope things improve.
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have talked to them, but they seem very preoccupied and unmotivated to really support me. The beginning of this relationship was very difficult for Sarah, so I spent late nights speaking with her, comforting her, showering her with loving words, texts throughout the day. Now that I am the one struggling I feel like no one is giving me that kind of care that I shared. I wonder if I come off as strong, or cold so maybe they don't know how to comfort me....but I have been pretty clear about feeling lonely, neglected and ignored, but no action has been taken on their parts to help me feel better.
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