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Default NRE Wears Off - Do Secondaries Suffer More?

Something I have been thinking about as I deal with the waning NRE in my triad is whether secondaries suffer most from the loss of NRE. The established couple slips comfortably back into their normal comfy routines, and the secondary is left alone. Is this a common experience of secondaries, or just my own experience?

I have to say that the context of my situations has multiple factors that contribute to this. Sarah lost her job, School started again for all of us and they no longer live right next door. They moved 15 minutes away. Now I feel like since they are always together, I am just an afterthought. I know that a lot of it has to do the with circumstances and nothing intentional on their part, but for some reason that doesn't help when I am home by myself feeling so alone, and missing them so much!
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